Electro-hydraulic Servo Actuator (EHSA)

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Electro-Hydraulic Servo Actuator (EHSA)

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Since conception in 2014, the electro-hydraulic servo actuator, EHSA, is now a patented closed-loop system designed to be actuation at the source of operation in a downhole installation. Operation can be battery charged or from a single TEC line. The EHSA can be considered an engine for multiple-use applications such as operation of sliding sleeves, ball valves, safety valves.


  • Bi-Directional flow
  • No solenoid needed to reverse flow
  • Positive Displacement Pump (volumetric)
  • No check valves
  • Releases Pressure when power is off or lost
  • By design guarantees NOT  to hydraulically lock
  • Operates unbalanced and single ended pistons
  • Remedial capabilities
  • Simplicity Achieves Reliability
  • Debris tolerant
  • Requires NO priming
  • Pump Diameter 23 mm (< 1 inch)
  • Various electrical motors are suitable for the system
  • Battery or single line TEC powered
manifold 1000

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