AOI-Drop-Transp 100x144
AOI-Drop-Transp 60x86
AOI-Drop-Transp 40x58

AOI develops products to help customers measure and enhance their drilling efficiency

Downhole Measurement & Communication

  • Downhole Communications Transmitter & Receiver
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Written specification for Wireline and MWD/LWD applications
  • Adjustable Bent Sub for Directional Drilling Tool – (Electro-Mechanical)
  • E-Mag Gap Sub reliability enhancement
  • Thread Design for longer life in  Harsh doglegs
  • E-Mag Communication using Super Capacitors
  • Mud Motor Stall Protection 
  • Tether-less probe 
Downhole Communication System 04
Downhole Communication System 05
Downhole Circuit Board
Downhole Communication System 03 750

Specialty Products

Pin Connectors

12 Pin Connector-13 lightened