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About Us

Advanced Oilfield Innovations extensive experience in oilfield tool theory, design, manufacture, test, and application ensures effective results.  Our custom engineering focuses on integration for reliable electronics, firmware, software, and mechanical systems.   Uniquely, AOI respects the intellectual property of their own, clients, or jointly developed.  AOI experts treat every opportunity with the consideration of our core values:

Relationship Integrity

Engineering Ingenuity

Design Innovation

Rapid Implementation

Assigned Intellectual Property

AOI is team of creative problem solvers. We have helped many companies increase their effectiveness and profitability by taking their problems and creating innovative solutions. We can help you!

You can turn to AOI International to ponder new ideas, solve existing problems to keep you out of harm’s way for future endeavors. 

Our skills are put to the test from engineering, throughout manufacturing, field testing, implementation and project management. 

We have a proven track record of working quite nicely at all levels of the organizations that seek our help. From the folks out in the field, the engineers and designers along the way and senior management we know how to keep everyone on the same page with the specific information they want and need to know, throughout our entire working relationship.

Additionally, we've been told and we proudly accept the positive feedback, it's our proprietary and well-honed analytical processes, streamlined and business friendly engineering philosophy.

In keeping with our concept of total transparency, we’re not for everyone. To this point, we evaluate every opportunity and only engage in projects where we can make a meaningful contribution and where the culture of our firm melds well with the client behind the assignment.  

We are eager to meet new people and during our initial assessment phase we’ll be honest and open as we work together to see if we’re a good fit for each other. 

We look forward to hearing from you.